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This faculty is the oldest of all academic centers in SUT. Its present scope of activities involve basic and general courses. A new phase of development in this faculty has been establishing M.Sc and PhD programs in Mathematics and Physics.

Faculty members and staff:
  Alireza Chenaghlou (PhD) Associate Professor of Physics Web Page
Kazem Ghanbari  (PhD) Professor of Mathematics Differential equations, Inverse problems, Matrix Linear Operators and relevant spectral theory, Inverse eigenvalue problems,
Web Page
Ildar Sadeghi (PhD) Associate Professor of Mathematics
Finctional Analysis, Geometry of Banach spaces, Variational Analysis, Fuzzy Analysis,
Web Page
Yousef Zamani (PhD) Associate Professor of Mathematics Multilinear Algebra, Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Symmetry Classes of Tensors, Decomposable Numerical Range, Symmetry Classes of Polynomials, Probabilistic Group Theory,
Web Page
Behrooz Alizadeh (PhD) Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (Operations Research) + OPERATIONS RESEARCH & APPLIED OPTIMIZATION:
- Optimal Location Theory on Networks and Space
- Combinatorial and Network Optimization
- Inverse Optimization
- Knapsack Problems
- Fuzzy Linear/ Nonlinear/ Multi-Objective/ Multi-Level Programming Problems
- Meta-Heuristics for Engineering Optimization
- Fuzzy Computational Methods,
Web Page
Fahimeh Baroughi (PhD) Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics: Operations Research
Design of Optimal Algorithms for Facility Location Problems
Discrete & Continuous Optimization
Inverse Optimization
Assignment Problems
Fuzzy Optimization,
Web Page
Javad Farzi (PhD) Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
Numerical Solution of Conservation Laws
Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media
Numerical Solution of Differential and Integral Equations
Methods: IMEX, WENO, Spectral, Collocation and Radial Basis Functions,
Web Page
  Gholamreza Foroutan (PhD) Associate Professor of Physics Web Page
  Eslam Ghareshabani (PhD) Assistant Professor of Physics Web Page
  Mohammad Hossein Hekmat shoar (PhD) Associate Professor of Physics Web Page
  Ali Asghar Khalilzadeh (PhD) Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics Web Page
Hanif Mirzaei (PhD) Assistant Professor of Differential Equations
ODE, Inverse eigenvalue problems, Isospectral systems, Application of Lie group method in differential equations,
Web Page
Payam Mokhtary (PhD) Assistant Professor of Numerical Analysis
+ Numerical Solution of Fractional Differential Equations(Numerical Solvability and Convergence analysis)
+ Numerical Solution of Integral Equations with Smooth and Weakly Singular Kernels (Numerical Solvability and Convergence analysis)
+ Numerical Solution of Differential Algebraic Equations
+ Numerical Solution of Delay Differential Equations
+Spectral Methods(Tau, Collocation, Pseudospectral and Galerkin Methods)
+ Splines,
Web Page
Fridoun Moradlou (PhD) Assistant Professor of Mathematics
1) Functional equations and inequalities,
2) Frame theory,
Web Page
  Hossein Zahed (PhD)
Head of Faculty
Assistant Professor of Physics Web Page

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