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The Faculty of Mining Engineering, founded in 1994. In the field of exploration, students and researchers drawing upon geomantic engineering science, which is a modern discipline, integrate acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of referenced data. Mineral processing research is directed towards unit operations as well as mineral processes. Grinding with different methods, flotation of sulphid minerals, high-intensity magnetic separation, the use of industrial minerals in different applications and mechaochemical treatments of natural minerals comprise the research areas.

Faculty members and Staff:
  Name    Interests
  Hamid Agha Babaei (PhD)
Head of Faculty
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  Mohammad Jafar Mohammadzadeh (PhD)   Web Page
Valeh Aghazadeh (PhD) Assistant Professor of Mineral Processing
Hydro & Biohydrometallurgy
Electrochemistry of Leaching
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  rasoul hamidzadeh moghadam (PhD)
  Web Page
Majid M. oskouie (PhD) Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing
Hyperspectral Image Processing
Mineral Deposit Exploration and Evaluation
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Parviz Pourghahramani (PhD) Assistant Professor of Mineral Processing, Mechanical Activation and Mechanochemical processes
Mineral Processing, Flotation, Mechanical Activation, Physical chemistry, Sampling and Design of Experiments.
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  Enayatollah Ranjineh khojasteh (PhD)   Web Page
Navid Shad Manaman (PhD) Assistant Professor of Seismology
Seismic Tomography; Spectral Decomposition; Signal Processing; Earthquake Prediction
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yousef sharghi (PhD) Assistant Professor of Mining Exploration
geophysics, Tomography, Geostatistics, groundwater, Petrophysics
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  Jamshid Jafari (DSc)   Web Page
javad sattarvand (PhD) Instructor of Surface Mining
Open Pit Optimization, Drilling and Blasting, Mining Economics
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  Reza Falahat (PhD Student)    
Specialized Laboratory Facilities:
  • Mineral Processing
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Optical Mineral Processing
  • Mineralography
  • Geomatics
  • Sampling
  • Applied Geophysics and Geochemistry (with special focus on the exploration of ore deposit and petroleum)
  • Flotation
  • Leaching
Research Labs
  • XRF
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