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Welcome to Sahand University of Technology (SUT), modern research center in new technology. Situated on a new city of Sahand has been named after the bordering mountain range giving out a spell of fresh, raw climate and breath taking view of lush valleys and hills.
Holding a beautiful campus, SUT is just minutes from the heart of the Ancient Azarbaijan nation, Tabriz, the capital of businesses and technology.
Many of Iranian leading high tech companies located in the highway connecting Tabriz to Sahand surround our campus where cutting-edge research joins with highly innovative teaching to solve real-life problems.
SUT’s faculty and staff provide a superior learning experience for our fine students who hail from every province of Islamic Republic of Iran.
SUT offers over 20 B.SC programs in engineering and more than 100 graduate programs of study in engineering, science and high technology.
Brilliant professors and staff members constitute a diverse and dedicated team serving students.
SUT’s creative, interdisciplinary approach to research has led to many significant discoveries and creative work in science and technology.
Students are truly VIPs on the SUT campus and enjoy residence and recreation programs as well as a wide variety of cultural and social activities.
Iranian rich ancient culture and Islamic moral values combined with ingenuity of faculty, staff and students makes SUT a special environment to study and create.
I look forward to meeting you when you visit SUT and welcoming you as a member of our community of scholars dedicated to learning for better future.
Sincerely yours
Dr. Rasool Azari Khosroshahi
President of  SUT

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